MUScience - Explore and Discover While Singing and Dancing

"MUScience – Explore and Discover While Singing And Dancing" CD/DVD is a collection of songs and animations based on the following science concepts: G.E.R.M.S, Gravity, Four Seasons, Oxygen, DNA, Light, Sound, Five Senses.

Produced by the Xposure Edutainment Network (XEN) MUScience is designed to get children excited about basic science concepts in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

The project was Inspired by famed children’s science author Vicki Cobb and spearheaded by Executive Director Raymond L. Thomas Jr., Marketing Director Marcelle Lashley and an extremely talented group of teachers including Adrian Hargrove, Crystal Scott, Jayda Powell, Jomar Lashley and Cymonne Bray who co-wrote and performed on all 8 of the songs. Brandon “Sinical” Tyree of Bottom Music Records produced the music and animators Sidney Blaize and Raymond Chao created the classic animations.

The songs and animations can be heard throughout Xposure classrooms as interns dance to infectious beats and simple but educational lyrics like, "Germs are nasty they get on our hands, we wash them off we don’t want them here. They make us cough, they make us sneeze, we want those bad germs all to leave" or "Jump, Jump to get pulled down, Gravity will always pull you back to the ground." Come watch our interns work up a sweat as they inhale, exhale and mimic the workout routine of Micci, H2O Joe and other characters as seen in the “Oxygen” animation.

"Jump, Jump to get pulled down. Gravity always pulls you back to the ground."
Click on the link below to watch the "GRAVITY" animation.

MUScience is slated for a full release in Fall 2014. The songs and animations will also be available as digital downloads.

MUScience can be purchased in limited pre-release as a beautifully packaged CD/DVD combination for $16.99 by visiting an Xposure After-School Institute near you or by emailing us at Please include a name and phone number you can be reached at.
ALL proceeds are used to create great educational children's programming.

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