Xposure Foundation Inc., OWLX (Xposure's favorite WiseGuy pictured here) and the Xposure Greenburgh interns have undertaken an ambitious community service project of recruiting up to 300 young people ages 4-12 to open custodial bank savings accounts. The goal is to encourage 300 children to get their parents to open a custodial savings account for them. The new SAVERS do not have to belong to or join any of Xposure's after school programs. Each new custodial savings account will receive an incentive of $10 from Xposure Foundation Inc. to deposit and seed the account.
300 new accounts multiplied by $10 equals $3000, which is how the Xposure team came up with the name, "MISSION 3000!"
11 yr. old Allyssa L. says, "I want other children who are not a part of this program to experience what it's like to take a bank trip to deposit, save and earn interest on the money you earn. Xposure teaches us that you can't earn interest by putting your money in a piggy bank or under your mattress and we feel it's an important lesson other children should also learn."

The "MISSION 3000!" kickoff event will happen on Wednesday March 12, 2014 at Greenburgh Town Hall.