Ethan is a proud owner of GOOGLE stock after purchasing a fractional share of the company as a part of Xposure's financial literacy programming.

Xposure's clever approach to introducing children ages 5-7 to the Stock Market starts with age appropriate lessons focusing on the very recognizable logos of companies such as, DISNEY. McDONALD'S, NIKE, APPLE, VIACOM, MICROSOFT and many others. The interns (Xposure students) are then tasked with creating their own version of these famous logos along with products the companies produce.
Using cardboard boxes and other materials the interns created a great looking pair of NIKE sneakers, an APPLE I-Phone and their very own DISNEY theme park featuring a very cool roller coaster. Parents had an opportunity to see the logos and products during a recent tour of the interns, "STOCK MUSEUM" which featured these beautiful works of art.

These great experiences help prepare our interns for the moment they purchase stock in companies they wish to own.

Ethan is one of many Xposure children who participate in this annual rite of passage called, "OWNERSHIP,".

As the sign Ethan so proudly displays reads, he is the proud owner of GOOGLE stock and he's ONLY 6!