#SmartGirlsRock Ask the Ladies of GWK!

Xposure Mott Hall and the Xposure Edutainment Network (XEN) are proud to launch the first official podcast of GWK “Girls with Knowledge” Radio show, one of two Club X live interactive radio shows eXhibiting eXtreme #GirlPower and showing that #SmartGirlsRock

In this episode, the ladies of GWK "Girls With Knowledge" Radio shed a light on the state of the music industry today and ways that some artists and their lyrics can degrade women. Are women using the standards of today's "trap music" to determine their value...or are women perpetuating this standard and degrading themselves?

Xposure radio shows are established as a platform to encourage student's literacy, voice and choice. They provide positive "edutaining" programming for student viewers, created by student producers. This is done by having students develop the content and host the shows designed to educate, empower, celebrate and respect their experiences as youth.

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