Say Hello to Sumona Santa, Xposure's eXtra Super SONYC

Thursday, May 7, 2015 - Xposure Club X is pleased to announce that our very own Sumona Santa has been named, "Super SONYC" by DYCD (Department of Youth & Community Developed). This honor is presented to students who perform eXtraordinary work in their after school program. Sumona is a 7th Grade student at our Xposure Satellite West SONYC Middle School Program. Not only is she eXtra SUPER SONYC in Xposure but she also eXcels in day school.
In Xposure Sumona's favorite classes are Animation and Financial Literacy where she is a charter member of Xposure's Wall Street Warriors, which is an exclusive rites-of-passage fraternity/sorority that focuses on Entrepreneurship, Saving & Investing. As a Wall Street Warrior Sumona recently completed a business plan, a sales pitch and is now in the final stages of creating her own tutoring business called "Straight A's" which Xposure will help launch. Sumona will use the tools she has learned in animation to provide visually appealing lessons and tutorials to her customers.

We are eXtremely proud of Sumona and her "Super SONYC" accomplishments.

We salute you, Sumona! There are no limits...reach beyond the sky!

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