You're Never Too Young to Begin Investing

Financial Literacy is an essential part of the Xposure Club X curriculum. We believe teaching youth about finance at an early age will give them the tools necessary to lead a financially secured adulthood; and boy are Xposure students serious about their finances. They learn the functionality of the NASDAQ and how to identify companies that have growth potential in the stock market.

Our Xposure New Hope ClubeXperts have even coined the phrase "Make it public", which represents one of their goals connected to the entrepreneurship component of our program. Xposure students have been tasked with launching and running their own companies to the point where it becomes successful enough to go "public" in our internal Xposure Stock Market!

In early June 2015, we invited parents at New Hope to join their children and work together to secure a solid future by participating in real-life stock purchasing at Xposure ClubX New Hope. Take a look!

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