Yesterday I was extremely excited to walk into one of our Brooklyn school locations to see the Principal holding up the latest edition of SCHOLASTIC NEWS with one of our Xposure students gracing the cover. Yes our students were the first issue of SCHOLASTIC nationwide during this historic week (2 million plus circulation). Schools receive their copies a week in advance so they were available to all schools Tuesday January 20, 2009 which is a thrill in itself. Scholastic is sending us copies and it will be available on-line next week as Monday January 26, 2009 is the official release date. I will be sure to send the link. The cover and feature is entitled, "Kids learn the real deal about money". Featuring Kimani Smith with the caption, "Whiz Kid Kimani Smith 10, of New York understands the value of saving money. The inside spread features BEAUTIFUL PICTURES OF OUR XPOSURE STUDENTS under the title, "Money Matters! Kids Learn Valuable Lessons About Making Smart Financial Choices". 1. Tiara Hills (Xposure Greenburgh) - holding a piggy bank with the caption, "save" 2. Joshua Orr (Xposure Greenburgh) - holding a envelope filled with money with the caption, "for charity" 3. Jasmine Bradwell (Xposure Greenburgh) - holding a copy of NYTimes financial page with the caption, "invest" 4. Kimani Smith our covergirl (Xposure Brooklyn) - holding a fistful of dollars with the caption, "spend" 5. Amanda Caba (Xposure Brooklyn) - discussing some of the investments she has already made (Google, Warner Music, L3 Communications, Carver bank). On the back page there is a quiz featuring our students. Recently we have been featured by NYTimes, Journal News, ABC's EyeWitnessNews but there is something particularly special about being featured nationally on the cover of an educational institution like SCHOLASTIC NEWS. To know that we are helping to educate children nationwide about saving and investing their money during these troubled economic times is truly a gift from God.