Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner applauds Greenburgh Central Spelling Bee Champ Harshita Shet!

4th grader from Greenburgh Central being sent to DC to compete in 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee Release Date: March 19, 2014 When Ronald Ross first assumed office as Superintendent of Schools for the Greenburgh Central School district he pledged to work hard to make Greenburgh the best school district around. People laughed. The reason: Lots of people in town had given up on the district and send their children to private or parochial schools. Tonight, after watching some of the nearly 120 students from Greenburgh Central School district compete in the 2014 Spelling bee competition, few were laughing. The school district may still not be the best in the county, state or nation but it is definitely turning around and providing our youth with a terrific education. If there is a national competition for most improved school district in the nation, I'd like to have the chance to nominate Greenburgh Central School district for the honor. If we all work hard- one day this school district can be one of the nations best! The Greenburgh Central School district is the only school district in Westchester County that decided to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee contest, the nation's largest, longest running educational promotion, administered by EW Scripps. Nearly 250 sponsors from around the world will send their finalist to Washington DC to compete nationally on May 25th-May 31st. The Theodore Young Community Center is involved in the sponsorship of the Spelling Bee competition. The finals will be broadcast live on the same day at 8 pm on ABC TV. On Thursday, March 18th there were three competitions: A Honey Bees competition--kindergarten and 1st grade students. A worker bees competition (2nd and 3rd grader's) and a Bumble Bees competition (4th grade-8th grade students). Almost 120 students competed today. The words that the students had to spell were difficult and challenging. The winner: 4th grade student Harshita Shet (who also attends the Greenburgh Xposure after school program). 2nd prize: Katie Eng. 3rd prize Shrudhii Kundu. Those who attended the Spelling Bee contest were impressed with all the student participants. At our Town Board meeting next Wednesday I would like to recognize the winners and participants and thank them for making our town proud. It's my hope that parents who live in the school district will watch the tape of the competition which will be broadcast on local TV and give the school district a chance. You'll be pleasantly surprised. And, don't forget---let's give Harshita Shet our best wishes for great success. We want her to win the national competition in DC! PAUL FEINER