Homework Help, Helps

The interns of the Homework Help classes have shown astonishing improvements in ALL subject areas as well as demonstrating their 6 C's (Control, Compromise, Courtesy, Choices, Communication and Commitment) and an increased maturity. They are now openly announcing their test grades, whereas in October there wasn't much to talk about. There are now volunteering to lead Fitness Time, reminding and even encouraging one another to follow the 6 C's.

Literacy has become quite a competitive core component in Homework Help. Interns are now required to push themselves to read books on grade level and enhance their vocabularies by learning the definition of three new words for each book read.

Rewards and incentives have been added in the form of Student of the Month. Here are some of our most recent winners: Cameron M., Rossangelo R., Gabrielle M. and Allen V.